This is the closest to Bloomberg/CapIQ type screening that I have found, wonderful tool.

Global Coverage
Data on 40,000+ stocks from 30,000+ companies
By including companies traded on global exchanges in your analysis, you can find investment opportunities others have overlooked.
More Data Points
1,000+ data points per company
Be more thorough in your analysis with immediate access to more useful company data points than other screeners.
Custom Formula Support
Easily build arbitrarily complex custom formulas
Plain-English free-form conditions let you build complex composite criteria and ranking formulas without programming.
Optional Automated Alerts
Updates on companies that match your strategy
The morning after every trading day, you can receive an email update on the stocks matching your strategy.
Fully Customizable Views
Any data point or calculation can be a table column
Create dynamic tables containing the data that relates to your strategy and they will update automatically.
Export to Excel
Download tables of data into Excel for analysis
With one click, you can download a table of raw data to Excel and run additional calculations. You can build complex models using our data.