About Us
Screener.co is committed to offering wall-street caliber data and trading tools to main street investors. Our first product, the Screener.co stock screener is the most powerful global stock screener available to individual investors. In addition, its easy to use Web 2.0 AJAX interface and performance optimizations give you wall-street performance in an attractive, easy-to-use tool.
Unlike other companies that offer "black-box" trading systems or opaque recommendations to individual investors, we produce transparent tools that give users full access to run analyses on the underlying data and allow them to come to their own data-driven conclusions.
Management Team
Lenny Grover

Lenny spent a year and half with the Corporate Executive Board and over three years as a junior VC investment professional before starting Screener.co.  He enjoys trading and wanted to bring professional-caliber trading tools to individual investors.

170 Tremont Street, #1204
Boston, MA 02111
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